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Positive impact

Positive Impact

Whether it is some support at home, picking up and delivering your washing, creating great company at one of our opportunities centres or supporting someone to find meaningful, paid employment – we at Buckinghamshire care are proud of the positive impact we have on so many lives.

Here are just a few of the positive comments we have had:

“The support you give to mum is immeasurable – it doesn’t compare.”

Carer of an opportunities centre client

“I have new friends and I am learning lots of things which will help me.”

Supported employment client

“Once again – thank you for saving my life due to your assistance and help.”

Reablement client

“Thank you so much for all you have done. Your drivers were absolutely perfect and so helpful – the service is so supportive.”

Friend of a Laundry Service client

Please now meet some of the people we support and find out a little more about what we do.

Support in the home

Meet JohnPhotography by Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.

Meet John. John is in his late-40s and lives with his partner, Karen. It is in the home where we provide ongoing support to John.

John has a degenerative condition. It means he finds physical tasks around the home very tricky – this includes support getting ready in the morning as well as preparing a cooked meal in the evening.

After we initially supported him after a stay in hospital, our team of caring and encouraging staff now visit John during the day and at night, not only helping with tasks – like making a cup of tea – but also, to give him and Karen a lift in spirits when it might be needed.

John enjoys:

  • Regular visits from our committed and caring team
  • Support with tasks that may have become a bit of a struggle
  • The chance to regularly review his support

Meet CherryPaul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.

Meet Cherry. We support Cherry – in her own home – with a variety of tasks which she needs a little bit of extra support with.

Unfortunately, Cherry was severely injured in a car accident which now means she sometimes struggles with everyday things. This is where we come in and offer a solution – whether it is through a bit of shopping, cleaning, laundry or even helping to dry her hair after a morning shower, our team are there for Cherry.

Our support means we take away a bit of anxiety from Cherry, enabling helping her to be more independent.

Cherry enjoys:

  • Regular visits from our friendly ‘Support at Home’ team
  • How our support removes the stress from everyday tasks
  • Not feeling vulnerable – our staff use a key safe to enter her home

Opportunities in the community

Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.Meet Richard

Meet Richard. Richard is in his 90s and – like many older adults – values the importance of great company, meaningful activities and having some regularity in his life.

Richard attends Aylesbury Opportunities Centre several times a week. Our modern, vibrant centre gives Richard a spring in his step every time he heads there, where he can meet up with friends and – more than anything – enjoy a hot, two-course cooked lunch.

An east-Londoner at heart, Richard enjoys nothing more than reliving tails of years gone by and – once a week – also playing a central role in the centre’s music therapy sessions.

Richard enjoys:

  • A tasty two-course lunch and hot drink
  • Meeting new people supported at our vibrant centre
  • Remaining active and alert through a host of enjoyable sessions

Meet TashaPaul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.

Meet Tasha. Tasha has a learning disability and is supported through our outreach service, helping her to play a part in her local community.

Though providing fun and enjoyable activities – in the community – is an important part of Tasha’s support, making sure that she is empowered to be as independent as possible, whether it’s through using public transport, managing money or meeting new people is just as vital to Tasha.

Each week, Tasha’s enjoys a variety of different group activities – like 10-pin bowling and, each month, she also takes charge of a busy market stall in the centre of her hometown. This gives her a great chance to meet new people and develop key skills.

Tasha enjoys:

  • Being independent – with our encouragement, she relishes using public transport wherever she can
  • Having real confidence – our support means we have helped to build her self-esteem levels
  • Trying new things – we are always looking to set up new activities for her outreach group

Creating employment opportunities 

Meet SarahPaul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.
Meet Sarah. Sarah has a learning disability and has been supported at the busy Food4Thought Café we run in Aylesbury for a number of years. She initially came to Buckinghamshire Care as a client – now, she is a paid and valued colleague, playing a vital role in the café’s success.

We believe that with the right support, anybody can have a job. Since she first met our team, we have supported Sarah to develop key skills, helping her to reach her goal of being a paid employee in an environment she thoroughly enjoys.

Sarah is a ‘front of house’ member of the team, serving dozens of people each day. Over the years, Sarah has developed new levels of confidence and skills in money management, food hygiene and preparation and customer service.

Sarah enjoys:

  • New levels of self-esteem and confidence
  • A meaningful and skilled job role
  • Future prospects – her next step might be to look for further café or catering roles


Meet TheoPaul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.
Meet Theo. Theo has learning difficulties and has been supported by our Back2Base team to find a paid role he looks forward to everyday.

When our team first met Theo, he was a shy person missing a vision for his future. With our support, Theo has now settled into an active, outdoor job role – at his local Sainsbury’s store – where is valued by his colleagues and customers.

Theo is often the first person customers meet. Theo takes pride in welcoming everyone to the supermarket – so much so, that he has received an ‘Unsung Hero’ award, voted on by his colleagues at Sainsbury’s, highlighting his positive attitude.

Theo enjoys:

  • New levels of self-esteem and confidence in a role he loves
  • Having a new network of friends through his job
  • Regular ongoing support from our Back2Base team

If you would like to find out more, getting in touch is easy.
Call: 0333 121 0201, send us a message or email hello@buckinghamshirecare.co.uk