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Finding Your Way

We understand that finding the right support can be difficult. But by answering a few questions about what we do and how you will receive your support, will help you find your way a little more easily.

Listed below are some answers to a few frequently asked questions – or FAQs – people tend to ask us.

If you still need more information, please contact us and we are very happy to have a chat with you about our work.

What is Buckinghamshire Care?
We are a Local Authority Trading Company (LATC). This means we were set up by a local government organisation who asked us to run some of their support services.

We were created by Buckinghamshire County Council in October 2013 and since then we have run a huge range of services – all with helping you to be more independent in mind.

What services do you provide?
We provide a variety of different services to support you:

We are here to help you and will always put you first – and right at the centre – when it comes to making decisions about what your support package looks like.

Who do you support?
We have a great reputation for supporting many different people – from people with complex learning disabilities to those perhaps needing a little bit of extra company.

We support the following people:

  • Adults with learning disabilities
  • Adults with Autism
  • Adults with mental health problems
  • Older adults
  • Adults with dementia
  • Adults with early-onset dementia

We also support people with physical disabilities too.

Are your staff trained?
Absolutely. All of our staff are highly-trained social care professionals. They are DBS-checked (when they need to be) and all approach their work in a positive and friendly way, but with a real focus on what matters to you.

What about the cost?
The cost of the service depends on a number of factors – here is some useful information below:

Local authority-funded clients
Some of our clients have packages funded by the local authority following an assessment. When this happens, clients are referred to us and we will contact you – or your carer – to talk about your needs, what your package should look like and how we can help.

Direct payments
Some clients receive what is known as a ‘direct payment’ following their assessment which gives both the control and choice to determine which services best suit their needs.

Private clients
Some clients pay privately (self-fund) the services they wish to purchase – this gives you ultimate control in what your support looks like.

However your support is funded, we want you to receive a service designed around you and those around you. Therefore, we have created a ‘menu-based’ system to enable you to choose what is right for you.

It might be:

  • A morning or afternoon at one of our opportunities centres, just joining us for lunch, or spending all day with us
  • Using our weekly or next day laundry service
  • Some support in the home – we can support you with either a one hour visit, a 45 minute visit, or a half hour visit, seven days a week depending on what best suits you

We believe that all of our services offer clients great value with great flexibility too.

Our prices start from:

  • As little as £8.50 per hour in our opportunities centres, with a two-course lunch (equivalent price for a full day’s support – minimum one day support is two and a half hours)
  • £17.50 for an hour’s support in your home
  • 19.50 for us to do your laundry and return it to your home within seven days

If you are looking to use more than one of our services, please talk with us. We want to create a pricing plan that is right for you.

I want to use more than one service – is that okay?
Yes – we are happy to support you with as little or as many services that you feel you need to be more independent.

Please contact us and we will talk with you about how best to support you in a number of ways.

How can I get in touch?
It is easy – here are the main options below…

If you would like to find out more, getting in touch is easy.
Call: 0333 121 0201, send us a message or email hello@buckinghamshirecare.co.uk